Being a Good Buddy!

Hey Penguins, for you new Penguins who want to be good and have loads of GOOD (Not Bad) Buddy’s  please listen up!

Buddy Good

Finding a buddy can be a hard process, Try going to  kind of busy rooms! E.g Plaza or Ski Village or on a quieter sever maybe the Town!

Once you see someone you like to be your buddy work up and Ask: Could be your buddy! Remember they might say no!

Buddy help 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Buddy help 2 (Yes)            Buddy help 2 (No)

Once Done click on them and add them!

Make sure they are good not mean! If they are De-add or ignore them! If they are breaking CP rules Report them!

Have Fun with your Buddy!

Best Buddys 3

-Team Puffle!

  1. Please leave a like and tell us about your buddys!
    Thanks Jtheo10 for helping me!

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